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7 Great Christmas Gifts for Male Nurses

It’s always lovely to see a happy face when someone opens the gift you got for them. But picking the gift isn’t always that easy! Especially during the holidays, everybody is looking for perfect gifts for their family and friends. Since we often don’t have much time to think about what we should get them, […]

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8 Great Gifts for a Nurse Having a Baby

Alright, it’s time to pamper your favorite nurse! No matter how often she takes on the role of caretaker at work, in your family, or amongst friends, now it’s time to take care of her and the little one growing inside her! If you’re attending a family baby shower or throwing a party in the […]

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7 Meaningful Nursing School Graduation Gifts for Him

The number of male nurses has been increasing over the years, and rightfully so! It takes strength, compassion, and a large set of skills and knowledge to be able to perform the job of a nurse, and gender plays no role in how successful a nurse will be. While a lot of nurse merchandise is […]

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8 Nurse Pinning Gifts to Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Congratulations! Your daughter/son/niece/nephew/loved on/friend has an upcoming pinning ceremony! What a symbolic and memorable event. Your loved ones have made it this far in not only their education but also in their commitment to the nursing field. And because we know you want to make them feel special and appreciated for their big hearts and […]

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4 Beautiful Black Nurse Quilts

Black and beautiful, on the inside just as much as on the outside. If you want to show how much you appreciate your loved one for both who she is and what she does, we’ve found 4 gorgeous black nurse inspired quilts. Perfect for cuddling on cold nights, taking out for a picnic, or simply […]

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9 Nursing School Essentials You Didn’t Think Of

Starting nursing school can feel a little overwhelming – classes, assignments, exams, clinical hours, and trying to fit in time to eat and sleep. Whether you will soon be starting nursing school, or you’re helping to get your loved one prepared to go, we’ve put together a list of 9 nursing school essentials to make […]

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What Every Nurse Should Have in Her Bag: 6 Essentials

It’s no secret that with their 12 hour shifts, nurses need to carry a lot of items with them to have at the ready. But what exactly are nurse bag essentials? If you´re preparing your own work bag as a new nurse, or helping your loved one get some A-list essentials (or an A-list bag!), […]

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10 Thoughtful Nurse Retirement Gifts

Shop for nurse retirement gifts and other thoughtful ways to celebrate the nurse in your life! 👩‍⚕️🏥👨‍⚕️💉 Ahh (sigh) retirement. Time to hang up your jacket, put up your feet, and fill your free time with literally whatever you want! For nurses, retirement is the end of a career making daily sacrifices (often putting their […]

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12 Thoughtful Relaxation Gifts for Nurses

The nurse in your life works harder than anyone else you know, so it’s no surprise that you’re thinking about great relaxation gifts for nurses for them. Caretakers with hearts as big as nurses’ often fail to take basic care of themselves, let alone indulge in pampering. That’s where you come in. These stress relief […]

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7 ICU Nurse Gifts They’ll Love

The best ICU nurse gifts don’t need to be big or showy, but they do need to be thoughtful. After their tireless efforts to provide care to you or a loved one, it’s only natural to want to express your gratitude with a physical gift. Show them you care—and appreciate all their work—with a heartfelt note paired with […]