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12 Thoughtful Relaxation Gifts for Nurses

The nurse in your life works harder than anyone else you know, so it’s no surprise that you’re thinking about great relaxation gifts for nurses for them. Caretakers with hearts as big as nurses’ often fail to take basic care of themselves, let alone indulge in pampering.

That’s where you come in. These stress relief gifts will have the nurse in your life “ooh’ing” and “aah’ing” almost immediately—let alone when they can actually put the gift to use!

Read on to learn our take on the best gifts for stressed people, especially the lovely nurses in your life.

Loved relaxation gifts for nurses

Wondering what to buy someone who needs to relax? Wonder no more—here are 12 fantastic stress relieving gifts you can order now.

1. Lavender Eye Pillow

lavender eye pillow

This luxurious eye pillow rests comfortably on the contours of your face. Not only does it block out light, allowing for deeper sleep, its natural lavender and flaxseed aromas can instantly quash stress and anxiety. It’s true: It’s aromatherapeutic benefits makes it a natural win when it comes to stress reliever gifts. Warm it up in the microwave or cool it in the freezer for added relief!

If you’d like a longer version that can wrap around the neck to provide direct relief, here’s a great option from Victoria’s Lavender.

2. A Weekender Seat

weekender seat for nurses

Sitting outside is a great antidote to a hard day, so why not give the gift of portable outdoor access with this weekender seat? It’s lightweight, made with high quality materials, and can withstand the elements. Pair this chair with a new novel to sink into, like Where the Crawdads Sing or Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, to really nail your stress relief gifts for nurses.

3. A Puzzle

puzzles for nurses

Have you heard of Liberty Puzzles? These incredible jigsaw puzzles are made for adults and built with wooden materials cut into unique—and sometimes fun—shapes. The puzzles are no easy feat, so we recommend this level puzzle for a nurse you know whose already developed an affinity for this relaxing pastime.

4. The Cadillac of At-Home Massages

body back buddy for nurses

We couldn’t create a list of gifts to help with stress for nurses without including an at-home massage solution! This option, the Body Back Buddy, has been a favorite since its inception in the 1990s. Its 11 knobs and 3 shapes soothe muscle knots all over—back, neck, shoulders, quads, feet, and so on! It’s long fiber material makes it stronger than competitors, so even though it will cost you a bit more than knockoffs on the market, it is less likely to bend or break.

Want a massager with a little more intensity? We love this electric back massager from Japan.

5. A Plant Subscription Box

plant gifts for nurses

One of the most unique relaxation gifts for nurses is not just one, not just two, but an entire subscription of adorable succulents! Succulents are some of the easy plants to take care of, requiring only spritzes of water weekly. By the time your loved one has received their entire collection, they’ll be enlivened by the touches of green across their homes. Order a combination of succulents and air plants to really make your nurse smile!

6. Total Body Pillow

The secret’s out! Total body pillows, often reserved to provide relief to pregnant women, double as one of the best gifts to help people relax. It’s like a giant hug and a comforting touch, all in one. If your loved one is wound up or a bit stir-crazy after a day hunched over reports, this pillow will do the trick.

7. A Relaxation Kit

relaxation kit for nurses

Nothing says “I love you” quite like ready-made relaxation kit for nurses! Whether your gift recipient prefers a luxury bath and body set, a new lotion and hand cream set, or a gift basket that includes wine, there are dozens of unique options to choose from for the nurse in your life. Pro tip: Make a relaxation gift basket from scratch to REALLY knock it out of the park!

8. A Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps have become the “it” girl of relaxation gifts for nurses in modern times. We really liked the inobtrusive shape and design of this piece from d’aplomb, which includes a 100% authentic pure crystal rock salt. It was made with 250 million year old salt straight from Nepal! Its dimmer function means your gift recipient can adjust the lighting to fit their mood. You’d be hardpressed to find more relaxing birthday gifts than this!

9. A Fancy Tea Mug

tea mugs for nurses

The calming affects of tea cannot be touted enough, so why not pair her favorite teabags with an upgraded thermal travel mug? This double walled tea mug from Hydro Flask will keep their tea warm for hours. We highly recommend Cozy Chamomile or other herbal teas to really maximize the relaxation borne of these home relaxation gifts.

10. A Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket relaxation gifts for nurses

We can’t sing the praises of a weighted blanket enough! If you have yet to try one, hop to it—but not before you pick up this one from YnM. The gentle weight of the blanket’s glass beads can give even the most anxious minds and bodies a restful night of sleep. It’s one of the best destress gifts on the market, and comes in a variety of colors and shapes to match your nurse’s mood.

11. Bath Bomb Set

bath bomb set for nurses

This bath bomb set for nurses is the gift that keeps on giving, making it a hit with as a gift for someone who works all the time. The set comes with a full dozen of scented bath bombs, made with pure essential oils, coconut oil, epsom salt, and kaolin clay. You’re basically giving the gift of turning her at-home tub into a five star luxury spa! This can be a fun and colorful option consider as you shop for gifts for stress relief.

12. Candles

candles for nurses

Shopping for candles for nurses is surprisingly fun, especially when there are funny options like this one above! Whether you want to purchase a candle that will make them laugh or buy one with an endearing message instead, a candle is one of the most classic pampering gifts out there.

Here are few more fun nurse candle options to peruse:

What relaxation gifts for nurses did we miss?

Cocktails, wine, cheese. Maybe even a little rosewater facial spritzer. There are thousands of ways to say “Thank you” and “I love with” with relaxation gifts for nurses. Which awesome ones did we miss?

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