Practical Gifts for Nurses

11 Actually Practical Gifts for Nurses

What should a nurse bring to work? It’s an important question, and a good starting point if you’re shopping for practical gifts for nurses.

Say sayonara to cheesy t-shirts and corny wall art they’ll never hang up. Instead, thanks to this list of what every nurse needs, you’ll earn your spot as one of the best gift-givers they know.

Read on to find the most practical gifts for nurses available this year.

What every nurse needs

1. Cherokee Workwear Scrubs 

scrubs for nurses

Scrubs aren’t always a boring attire to gift! This new trendy, elegant, and professional work scrub for nurses is of the best quality at an affordable price,  not to mention super comfortable—with pockets! This brand used and trusted by nurses for almost five decades.

Alternatively, these playfully patterned Cherokee uniforms would be a great option for nurses who work with kiddos in pediatrics. The combination of tranquil colors with Winnie the Pooh and Daisy brings calm and puts a smile on the face of the little munchkins.

2. An Upgraded Dual-head Stethoscope

3m littmann stethoscope practical gifts for nurses

The best gift for a nurse is a stethoscope, their go-to companion. A good stethoscope should be durable with good acoustics—that’s why we love 3M Littman’s. 3M Littman has designed its dual head stethoscopes meticulously to meet the requirements of the healthcare providers. There’s a reason they’re often voted the best stethoscopes for nurses, after all!

The stethoscopes are lightweight without compromising quality, and each comes with ear-tips and diaphragm replacements. The tubes are sweat, oil, and stain-resistant, making it a lasting, low maintenance product your nurse will love.

3. BadgeGuru Set by TribeRN

tribe reference cards for nurses

Who doesn’t want to have quick, handy references on their persons all the time? TribeRN has got your (nurse’s) back, having designed a set of 26 cards that look like a standard badge, but are loaded with essential medical references. They even include English-Spanish translations!

As a bonus, TribeRN gives free VIP access to Q/A forums and cheat sheets that can be downloaded on mobile. We think this is one of the most practical gifts for nurses who have recently graduated or are entering the workforce.

4. Sharpie Mini Permanent Markers

sharpies for nurses

Nurses always need to write, so why not gift them these adorable clip-on Sharpies that they can easily attach to their badge or slide in their scrub pockets? An alternate option could be this pack of RSVP Mini Ballpoint Pens that come with latex-free grips. Both of these come with keyrings to make it ultra-easy for the nurse in your life to tote and use.

5. StatGear Stethoscope Tape Holder

tape holder for nurses

Tape holders are serious contenders for the simplest, most affordable, and downright practical gifts for nurses. This holder is made uniquely to dispense 1″ medical tape from your nurse’s stethoscope, and can be fitted to any stethoscope. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colors to pick from and comes a 90-day warranty.

6. Retractable Nurse Badge Reel Holder

nurse badge reels

A badge holder as beautiful as these will constantly remind your loved one them of their noble service. A set of four colorful, uniquely designed badge holders with premium quality metal and thick acrylic will add pizzazz to their uniform. Moreover, these are feather-light and come with alligator clips to attach safely. The clear vinyl straps are easily removable, instantly doubling up the badges for carrying keys.

7. A Swanky New Lunch Box

lunch boxes for nurses

This large, double-deck lunch box lets your nurse store food and liquids (12+ cans!) with different temperatures in individual compartments, making it an ideal gift for nurses who love to snack! The sturdiness of the design allows it to hold up to 40lbs, and the insulation can maintain temperatures for up to eight hours. It also features a front closed pocket for knives and forks to save your hand. The additional shoulder strap makes this a go-to bag for ALL occasions!

8. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

okeeffs for nurses hands

Have you ever met a nurse without dry skin or cracks on their fingers?! That’s because the repeated usage of chemicals puts your nurse’s soft skin at risk. Nurses are among those who wash their hands and use sanitizers multiple times daily to keep the germs at bay, and their hands show it. The O’Keeffe’s working hands hand cream is carefully prepared with allergen-free ingredients to instantly enhance the moisture level. The cream forms a protective layer once applied on hands, thereby reducing further moisture loss and repairing the cracks in the fingers that resulted from excessive dryness.

9. Danskos Women’s Professional Clog

dansko clogs for nurses

Dansko’s Women’s professional clogs are a nice gift for nurses who work on their feet all day. These clogs will feel like a kiss from heaven, protecting their tootsies from exhaustion. The padded instep collar and the wide heel provide comfort and stability while walking, and they’re designed with an anti-fatigue rocker bottom. Your nurse will appreciate the extra wiggle room for their toes!

10. A Foldable Clipboard

clipboard for nurses

This may not be filed under “sexiest gifts to give,” but no one can argue with the utility of a sturdy clipboard. This one was built especially for nurses, and it includes a quick access medical sheet. They’ll think of you fondly every time they use it!

11. Wine

wine gift bag for nurses

But seriously.

What practical gifts for nurses did we miss?

The goal with any gift giving is buying an item in the overlap of utility and enjoyment. We hope this list helps you answer: “What should a nurse bring to work?” and puts you on the right track to finding affordable, useful gifts for nurses.