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4 Beautiful Black Nurse Quilts

Black and beautiful, on the inside just as much as on the outside. If you want to show how much you appreciate your loved one for both who she is and what she does, we’ve found 4 gorgeous black nurse inspired quilts. Perfect for cuddling on cold nights, taking out for a picnic, or simply to show off draped over the couch, she will be happy to see her culture and caring nature being celebrated at once. 

The best black nurse quilts

1. This Gorgeous Personalized Black Nurse Quilt

Personalized Name Proud Black Nurse Rock Matter Quilt Blankets

With 12 different brightly colored images each surrounded by a diamond stitched pattern, this black nurse inspired quilt is eye catchingly beautiful. It’s made of hypoallergenic cotton and soft polyester fabric, and is built for multipurpose use. Plus with the phrase “Never Underestimate the Power of a Black Nurse” followed by her customized name, she’ll be reminded about just how strong you think she is. 

2. Proud Black Nurse Quilt

Proud Black Nurse Quilt

Packed with 15 powerful images and with a color border designed, this is the perfect black nurse quilt for the nurse who is not to be messed with! Make sure she knows her worth and that she earned her title with her “blood, sweat, and tears.” The quilt is made with 2 microfiber polyester layers with a down alternative in between, for the perfect lightweight comfort and fluffy feel. 

3. Keep Calm I’m a Nurse

Nurse Black Women Quilt Blanket

Time for some nurse humor! This is a black nurse quilt that will raise some eyebrows and bring some laughs as they read the list of what a nurse can do. Made from eco friendly material and with high quality stitching, the quilt is built to be durable—like her career! Also hypoallergenic and available in 6 different sizes. 

4. She Believed She Could so She Did

Black Nurse Proud Quilt

You better believe she did! For the nurse who overcame all obstacles to fulfill her dream, this black nurse inspired quilt has a beautiful message. Fill her with a sense of pride each time she sees the quote displayed largely in the center. This blanket is filled with fluffy down alternative and boasts a soft polyester finish for comfort that lasts. 

What other black nurse inspired quilts are out there?

We’d love to know of more beautiful black nurse quilts to add to our list! Show love and appreciation to black nurses for for their commitment and sacrifice. We hope these quilts are the perfect combination of color, comfort, and imagery to make them feel as special and strong as they truly are!

Here’s a recap of our list of beautiful black nurse quilts:

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