Anytime Birthday Funny Gifts for Nurses

10 Funny Nurse Gifts That’ll Make ‘Em Laugh

We all have that one nurse in our lives: Quick to laugh, always up for mischief, farcical to their core. That’s why we want to celebrate their hilarity with not only funny nurse gifts, but actually funny nurse gifts.

They’re snickering at obnoxious doctors, cracking jokes in the background of rounds, quoting Donkey from Shrek. They make you laugh, so you want to return the favor.

Whether you’re searching for graduation, for nursing students, or for your favorite coworker, these gag nurse gifts are bound to earn a giggle.

Funny gag gifts for a nurse

1. A Comedic Wine Glass

save your ass not kiss it wine mug for nurses

These save your ass mugs are a good option to showcase the thug life of a nurse. These captivating stem less wine glass are specifically designed for a wine lover. It is dishwasher safe and the letters won’t go away. And these pairs of  Stainless steel glasses comes in handy to sip a drink or coffee everyday. They come in a pair, thermally insulated. And the best part is that they come with a lid and a straw each.

2.  This Delightful Makeup Pouch

cosmetic bag funny gifts for nurses

A perfect funny yet thoughtful gift is to give a sassy and cosmologic person. This makeup pouch has vibrant and colorful designs printed on both sides against an elegant natural color that is both stylish and class. The fabric is a mix of both cotton and linen, and it is completely waterproof. The size is just right for holding the essential makeup products. Its sleek and slender design makes it a perfect companion to fit into a bag of any kind.

We think aspiring nurses would especially get a kick out of this, so we highly recommend it if you’re searching for funny gifts for nursing students.

3. “Because Patients” Wine Glass

because patients wine glass

Are you sensing a theme here? 😏 Wine = a solid go-to when it comes to funny nurse gifts.

Apart from being stressful and demanding, the job of nurse becomes harder because of their patients. You might have been tired of hearing them whining about their patients. These stem less wine glasses are a perfect gag gift to those nurses. You can give them their favorite wine/ champagne along with this glass as a bonus gift and see them start their ranting again. Don’t forget to capture the reaction on their face when they open the box.

4. This Cute & Silly Notebook Will Make Them Smile

alpaca wound funny nurse gifts

Patient, please. 😆

Crack up the nurse in your life with this adorably silly and too-cute-not-to-laugh notebook. Llamas not included.

5. “Said No Nurse Ever” A Coloring Book For Nurses

said no nurse ever funny coloring book for nurses

This funny coloring book for nurses is sure to make them laugh. After all, making art reduces stress and this can fit neatly into their nurse’s locker for a quick pick me up on a hard day. With its 30+ art collection with a tint of dark humor, it’ll be sure to lift up the mood.

If you have a nursing pal who drops a lot of F bombs, then go for this Swear Word Coloring Book for nurses, too. 😉

6. Stress Relief Balls (Yes, Balls)

stress relief balls for nurses

Yet another addition to the list of funny stress busters is this Smack a Sack, the perfect find if you’re searching for gag nurse gifts! Don’t forget to capture the priceless mixed emotion on their face—it’s bound to be GREAT material to laugh about later.

7.  A Comforting iPhone Cover

i will stab you iphone cover

Nothing says “I’m so happy to be here taking care of your whiny-butt” like this tell-it-like-it-is iPhone cover.

And as a bonus, it comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

8. Nurses Needs Shots Too Hip Flask.

nurses need shots too flask for nurses

Planning to pull a leg on your nursing pal? Here, give them a Nurses Need Shots Too Flask, filled to the brim with pun (and hopefully their favorite booze!). This perfect flask for nurses holds six ounces of their go-to liquor and will make them chuckle every time they take a hit.

9. Death Wish Company Ground Coffee

death wish coffee for nurses

If you have a nurse friend, you know the job asks a lot. Help them kick start their day with a strong blend of smooth coffee and mentally prepare for the asinine requests and comments that are surely to come all day (from patients, doctors, overly concerned loved ones… everyone!). This’ll put them in the mood.

10. This “Hopeful” Car Decal


We think car decals can be hit or miss, but this one is an obvious choice when it comes to funny gifts for nurses.Whether they drive a beater or a luxury vehicle, this weatherproof pop of personality is sure to not only make the recipient laugh, but others who pass them, too!

These funny gifts for nurses will make them laugh

Finding funny gifts for nurses can feel far from a laugh, especially if you’re strapped for time. But don’t fret — we did it for you, scoping out the best gag gifts, coloring books, and “toys” (er, essential, practical gifts) for every quick-to-laugh nurse out there.