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11 Thoughtful Nurse Girlfriend Gifts

Whether shopping for nurse girlfriend gifts that help them relax after long days on their feet or for items that can improve their work life (like more comfortable shoes!), these items give a little self-care back to those who need it most—NURSES.

Be it your anniversary, Valentines Day, the holidays, or just because, thoughtful gifts like these will make your girlfriend feel seen and appreciated (and maybe… frisky?!). 😉

Read on to find the best nurse girlfriend gift ideas to shop online.

11 gift ideas for your nurse girlfriend

You want your gift for your nurse girlfriend to be personal, so don’t get stuck in these recommendations. Be sure to shop around these suggestions to see if they spark any new ideas, too!

1. Hot Novelty Occupational Socks

nurse socks for girlfriend

Is this a fairly new or casual relationship? Take it easy with these sweet and fun patterned socks for nurses.

The socks are built for comfort and, more than anything, boast creative designs with stethoscope, scissors, and other instruments needed in medical science. So this can be the best gift for nurse girlfriend if you are finding something unique to give.

Gift her two pairs of socks by adding on this equally cute design.

2. Stemless Wine Glass 

because patients wine

Does being a nurse both excite, fulfill, and… stress out your girlfriend? This wine glass is the perfect antidote to a long day—especially if you pair it with her favorite red or white!

This classic gift for a nurse girlfriend makes a great surprise for her birthday, graduation, or just anytime to show you care.

3. Dear Ava’s Appreciation Necklace

nurse appreciation necklace

Blow her mind with this sweet nurse appreciation necklace! Dear Ava’s necklace comes in a ready-made box that contains a thoughtful message, a soft black velvet bag, a blank note card (be sure to personalize!) and finally, the necklace. Choose between rose, rose gold, and silver and prepare for her to gush excitedly!

4. Midnight Coloring Book for Nurses

coloring book for nurses

Does your nurse girlfriend have a great sense of humor? She’ll crack up as she colors in this coloring book made especially for her, which contains 40 funny swear word designs all-too-familiar to medical personnel.

Add “Wow” (and more laughter) to your nurse girlfriend gift by including this fun set of themed coloring pencils.

5. Heartbeat Stethoscope Bracelet

dainty bracelet for nurses

These sweet, dainty bracelets will look gorgeous on your girlfriend’s wrists! Simple enough to transition easily from day to nightwear, these little tokens of your admiration and affection will keep her feeling loved throughout her entire shift.

6. Strong Nurse Coffee Mug

badass nurses coffee mug

Your girlfriend is a badass and deserves to be reminded so! If your loved one is a huge coffee drinker, than we can’t think of a better gift gift for your nurse girlfriend to be inspired as she sips her (10th cup of) coffee.

7. Awesome Bath Bombs Set for Nurses

bath bombs for nurses

Give your nurse girlfriend gifts of relaxation! With all natural ingredients, including shea butter made in the USA, these little bombs will delight her with a therapeutic and moisturizing bath. The varied scents and colors will have her looking forward to the next bath and the next!

Pro tip: Pair this bath bombs gift set for nurses with some new candles and a physical copy of her favorite book, then send her away to the bathroom for some primo “me” time.

8. doTERRA’s Essential Oils

doterra oils for nurses

Love the idea of gifting her something to help her loosen up and relax? Well, here’s another idea: Buy her doTerra’s essential oil start-up kit! Lemon, lavender, and peppermint oils put her on the right path towards stress relief and aromatherapy.

Three not enough? Add on On Guard, one of the best essential oils for nurses. We also love Balance, Breathe, and Serenity. She’ll be smelling GREAT and feeling GREAT in no time. It’s one of the best gifts for nurses out there.

9. Capsule Letter Messages

capsule love letters for girlfriend

How CUTE are these capsule love letters? Infmetry has brought a new dimension of bringing out love if you’re afraid to speak! Each of the 90 capsules contain blank papers for you to write whatever you feel. We really can’t think of more meaningful or unique nurse girlfriend gifts as these!

10. Wonder Woman Panties

wonder woman panties for nurses

Ooh lala!! Bring some fun to the bedroom with these clever Wonder Women panties for nurses. Not only are they cute to look at for YOU, they’re comfortable to wear for HER. If you’re looking for sexy nurse girlfriend gifts, this is a good start.

11. Natural Organic Lip Balm 

lip care kit for nurses

Keep her puckers nice and smooth (and kissable!) with this beautiful lip care kit for nurses. Four natural and organic lip balms are included, flavored with honey, vanilla, and other herbal tastes. She’ll put these in her scrubs pocket and think of you every time she re-applies!

She’ll love these nurse girlfriend gifts

What ideas did these spark for you and your relationship? Thanks to this list, you have a head start in your gift search.

Nurse girlfriend gifts don’t need to cost you hundreds of dollars or be ostentatious. A small token of your gratitude can do the trick, especially if it comes from the heart (and with a love note, too!).