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10 Thoughtful Nurse Retirement Gifts

Shop for nurse retirement gifts and other thoughtful ways to celebrate the nurse in your life! 👩‍⚕️🏥👨‍⚕️💉

Ahh (sigh) retirement. Time to hang up your jacket, put up your feet, and fill your free time with literally whatever you want! For nurses, retirement is the end of a career making daily sacrifices (often putting their own health at risk), and taking care of everyone from the tiniest premature baby to our great-grandparents in their last days.

For this reason alone, but also for many more, nurses deserve a heartfelt goodbye for the heart they put in to their work. We’ve put together some meaningful nurse retirement gifts to appreciate how well they have taken care of others.

The best retirement gifts for nurses

1. “No One Can Ever Fill Your Shoes” Keychain

“No One Can Ever Fill Your Shoes” Keychain for Nurses

No two nurses are ever the same. With their own unique bedside manner, humor, and sense of style – not one nurse can be easily replaced. This nurse retirement gift is perfect for a coworker you can’t imagine a shift without. The keychain is stainless steel, hypo allergenic, and lead and nickel free. The 3 charms each hold sentiment, with one charm portraying RN pride. Since keys are common to carry often, this is a great way she can remember her nursing days and her favorite shift mates.

Or this one! Another keychain with the RN charm, but more appropriate from a family member or friend 🙂

2. Adorable Nurse Earrings

Adorable Nurse Earrings

Are they hearts? Are they stethoscopes? They are BOTH! Small sized, heart-shaped stethoscope stud earrings with birthstone crystals from Swarovski make an adorable pair of nurse earrings for retirement. The earrings are made from hypoallergenic sterling silver and lead and nickel free. If you are a nurse too, no harm in getting a matching pair to wear with your bestie.

3. This Nurse Retirement Plaque

This Nurse Retirement Plaque

Some people are blessed with the ability to write beautiful prose from the heart. Some of us, well, aren’t. If you are the latter but want to make sure the retired nurse in your life understands just how special she is, this personalized nurse gift is for you. Engraved with a touching prayer and etched with your loved ones name and title, this crystal plaque shares the reciprocal love and kindness that nurses have shown to you.

4. Retirement Angel Figurine

Retirement Angel Figurine for Nurses

Do you think nurses are angels in disguise? So do we. That’s why this Angel figurine is one of our favorite retirement presents for nurses. The elegant stone resin sculpture captures the beauty and grace behind every nurse. Standing at nine and a quarter inches and weighing about one pound, the engraved message about the journey ahead is especially perfect for those getting into volunteer or mission-based service in their retirement.

5. This Funny Retirement Gift for Nurses

Funny Tshirt for Retired Nurse

Is the nurse in your department who makes EVERYONE laugh retiring? This could be the retirement gift idea for a coworker that you are looking for. The office retirement party will only be complete when she models this retirement t-shirt (and confirms that the shirt print is true!). It’s offered in both men’s and women’s fit and sizes, and comes in white, silver, green, yellow, and pink.

Pair with a retirement tiara to really zing ‘em!

We suggest going all out for the retiring queen of your team with a sparkling gold retirement tiara and matching white with gold satin sash. Make her feel fabulous on her last day!

6. A Personalized Wooden Plaque

A Personalized Retirement Wooden Plaque for Nurses

Commemorate the day with a personalized nurse gift to thank her for her years. This gift is particularly fit to give to nurses who’ve worked a number of years in your office or school or even in your home (coming from doctors and bosses). The premium bamboo plaque carries a message to show just how unforgettable your nurse is. It is also customizable with a laser engraved name and year to give a more personal feel.

7. An Endearing Bracelet

An Endearing Bracelet for Nurses

For the woman never caught without her jewelry, this charm bracelet is a sentimental retirement gift for nurses. The bangle bracelet is stainless steel, hypo allergenic, and lead and nickel free, and its size is adjustable to fit a 6 to 8 inch wrist. The four charms – a stethoscope, the RN symbol, a heartbeat, and a message of appreciation – represent different aspects of a nurse’s career and give the gift of memories and honor.  

8. Heartfelt Nurse Retirement Gifts: Card + Necklace

A Heartfelt Retirement Card and Necklace for Nurses

I’m not crying, you’re crying! For the nurse you care about who really put their heart and soul into their profession, and who you think deserves a happy and peaceful retirement more than anyone else. The necklace is a dainty and delicate cross and infinity symbol with a chain length of 18 inches plus 2 inch chain extender. It comes with a prewritten and heartfelt card to show her just how amazing she is. The necklace can also come in different styles with either gold, rose gold, or silver finish. Be prepared for hugs and tears.

9. AirBnB Gift Card for Their Next Vacay

AirBnB Gift Card for Their Next Vacay for Nurses

While this may not seem like the most relevant gift, it’s actually a wonderfully practical retirement present for nurses. For the nurse who never seemed to take a break, let alone a vacation, an AirBnb Gift Card is the perfect way to push them (gently) out the door and onto the next adventure. Plus it allows them to choose their own destination and type of stay. It is their retirement, so they should get a say!

(Another bonus: since many nurse retirement gifts are geared towards women, this could be a great option for a retiring male nurse.)

10. Wine Glasses & Their Favorite Bottle

Wine Glasses & Their Favorite Bottle for Nurses

Get your girlfriends together and get the retirement party started. Bring your friend’s favorite red or white (or both) wrapped in a bow and pour her first glass of retirement into this 22oz stemless wine glass. Lightweight and BPA-free, it’s a simple yet classic retirement gift for nurses. Cheers to retirement and good health!

Nurse retirement gifts are a great way to celebrate

While nothing can ever truly show nurses just how grateful and appreciative we are for their dedication and life-saving work, these retirement presents for nurses are pretty close. No matter if they worked in a hospital, private clinic, home-health care, or any other settings, these gifts will fill them with joy. Give your retiring nurse friends, coworkers, and loved ones a sendoff they will remember and cherish forever.

Here’s a recap of our take on the best nurse retirement gifts:

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