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7 Affordable Thank You Gifts for Nurses

The best thank you gifts for nurses don’t need to be big or showy, but they do need to be thoughtful. After their tireless efforts to provide care to you or a loved one, it’s only natural to want to express your gratitude with a physical gift.

Show them you care—and appreciate all their work—with a heartfelt note paired with these good thank you gifts for nurses.

7 gifts to tell a nurse “Thank you”

1. Dear Ava Caregiver Thank You Gift Necklace

caregiver necklace for nurses

Breaking your head in search of a perfect thank you gift for your loving caregiver? Here, have a look at this lovely caregiver necklace that comes with a box and a written message. Along with it, comes a velvet bag and a blank note card to add an elegant and personal touch. These thoughtfully designed asymmetrically interlocked rings reflect the caring nature of nurses, adding a personal satisfactory touch to your gift. You get to choose from a range of colors.

2. Wine Labels

wine labels for nurses

A nursing job is tough and requires you to handle your patients in agony and take up the heat of the doctor. To thank them for their patience and service, giving them these stickers printed with the quotes that relate to their everyday happenings will put a smile on their face. Make sure to get them a bottle of wine or two to surprise them. These thoughtfully made wine labels are from Heartland Treasure which gives you a lot of saving options.

3. Prayer Wine Tumbler Cup

nurses prayer tumbler

Now, among all the items present in this list, this Prayer Wine Tumbler Cup is the best gift for any occasion. With this cup, you can thank a newbie nurse for choosing the profession they are getting into or you can appreciate the experienced nurses for their services. This cup is not just for wine but is also ideal for any hot and cold drinks. It comes with double-wall insulation, lid, straw, and a cleaning brush. You can choose from white or rose gold.

4. Jack & Rose Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

essential oil diffuser bracelet for nurses

A nurse’s day can be stressful. Gift your loved ones these aroma diffuser bracelets to lift up the mood all day long. It comes with 8 different colored cotton pads to add colors to the work. It is made out of the highest grade 316 stainless steel pendant and with a high-quality leather strap. This is a perfect accessory to adorn for work or for an after-work party and a get-together. The cotton pads are washable and reusable.

5. Best RN decal 

rn decal for car

When it comes to nurse appreciation gifts, get them something bright and colorful! These fun tie-dye decal stickers are the perfect fit for a nurse with spunk. Bonus: They are transferable to any surface! With the Rod of Asclepius design, these stickers reflect on the caring nature and the wonderful work of nurses. 

6. Medical Appreciation Coffee Gift Card Holders

thanks a latte thank you gifts for nurses

Planning to thank and appreciate your caregiver nurse with a coffee gift card? These medical-themed Appreciation Coffee Gift Card Holders add extra color to your purpose—just be sure to add an actual gift card, too! These sets of 4 cards are carefully designed with colorful medical graphics that come with four envelopes, saving your time and money to get additional envelopes.

Want to write your own personal thank note? Don’t worry, the back of the cards boast ample space for that!

Pro tip: You can buy Starbucks gift cards online, as well as Dunkin Donuts!

7. Medical Appreciation Card Set

appreciation cards for nurses

In your effort to thank or show appreciation to your favorite medical staff nurse, these sets of colorful Appreciation Cards for Nurses are the cherry on top.These medical-themed bifold A6 sized cards give you ample space to pen down your personal thanking note. If you have too many such wonderful angels to thank for, you can select between a set of 4 cards or a bulk set of 20 cards that comes at a discounted price!

What great thank you gifts for nurses did we miss?

Nurse appreciation gifts don’t need to cost you hundreds of dollars or be ostentatious. A small token of your gratitude can do the trick, especially if it comes from the heart.