Anytime ICU Nurses Thank You

7 ICU Nurse Gifts They’ll Love

The best ICU nurse gifts don’t need to be big or showy, but they do need to be thoughtful. After their tireless efforts to provide care to you or a loved one, it’s only natural to want to express your gratitude with a physical gift.

Show them you care—and appreciate all their work—with a heartfelt note paired with these good thank you gift ideas for ICU nurses.

Great gift ideas for ICU nurses

1. A Travel Coffee Mug

coffee mug for icu nurses

We have a hunch the ICU nurse in your life needs some coffee—STAT. That’s why we love this exceptional travel mug from Hydro Flask, built to keep hot drinks HOT for several hours, and cold drinks cold for up to a full day!

It’s BPA, Phthalate, and toxin-free, unlike other plastic coffee mugs. This is the best gift if you go for a mug as it is lightweight, well-designed, and suitable for everyday hospital work, especially for the ICU nurses.

2. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

working hands for icu nurses

All that hand washing in the hospital all day can do a number on an ICU nurse’s hands. That’s why we recommend buying them O’Keefs Working Hands hand cream—known to perform miracles on even the dryest of skin! This cream instantly recharges the moisture level in the hands and gives a great relief. They’ll be asking you for a refill in no time.

3. “Proud to Be a Nurse” Hoodie

proud to be a nurse hoodie for icu nurses

Something cozy but meaningful is always a hit as gift ideas for ICU nurses. This hooded sweatshirt can be bought in multiple colors and features a fun design to showoff their pride, as well as build community on the go. You KNOW fellow nurses won’t be able to pass them without giving them props!

4. Starbucks or other Gift Cards

thank you gift card holders for icu nurses

When it comes to guessing someone’s coffee preferences, sometimes the easiest thing is just to let them do the picking themselves! That’s why we think pairing gift cards to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or the local caffeine hole with these adorable gift sets will treat your ICU nurse right. It’s one of the most fun and festive ways we’ve found to say “Thanks” to an ICU nurse.

What is a good gift for ICU nurses? Gift cards! Especially highly caffeinated ones.

5. The Book, “Go Be Kind”

go be kind book for nurses

Is your ICU nurse a bookworm? Then they’ll love this unique take on a novel: The Go Be Kind is a journal written by the famous author Leon Logothetis. This book urges readers to come out of their comfort zones and befriend strangers. It teaches readers the most beautiful virtue—kindness (something we know nurses care a lot about!).

Pro tip: Write a personal note of gratitude in the book cover so that the gift recipient knows you picked it out just for them.

6. Super Brain Instant Coffee

super brain instant coffee for nurses

Don’t just gift ICU nurses coffee… gift them super brain food coffee!

The Great Earth Coffee is a medium roasted and perfect mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, L-Theanine, Coconut cream, and Brown sugar. It gives you a balanced taste of all the ingredients with digestive and anti-oxidant properties. This is a great option for those hard-working ICU nurses who work the night shift.

You can also try this as an alternative if your ICU nurse has a lot of coffee opinions and preferences: Ritual Instant Coffee 

7. A New Badge Holder

badge holders for icu nurses

How fun is this decorative badge made specially for ICU nurses? We think this is the perfect token of your appreciation, and will remind them fondly of you every time they don it.

What ICU nurse gifts did we miss?

Picking out the perfect gift can feel daunting, but hopefully our round up of thank you gift ideas for ICU nurses put you on the right track—or at least sparked a few new ideas!