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9 Nursing School Essentials You Didn’t Think Of

Starting nursing school can feel a little overwhelming – classes, assignments, exams, clinical hours, and trying to fit in time to eat and sleep. Whether you will soon be starting nursing school, or you’re helping to get your loved one prepared to go, we’ve put together a list of 9 nursing school essentials to make sure you don’t miss anything important. We’ve gone beyond the basics of what any student would need (pens, notebooks, planner, etc) and are sharing the nurse tools that will truly help you make it both in school and as a full-time nurse! 

Nursing school essentials you can’t live without

1. A good pair of shoes

Women's Professional Clog

You may not think a pair of shoes would be considered nursing tools, but we definitely consider them to be! How can nurses get through such long shifts on their feet, walking between patient rooms, supply rooms, and doctor’s offices, if they don’t have the proper pair of shoes? Professional shoes, like these Dansko clogs, are an absolute nursing school essential. They are made with arch support, breathable material for temperature control, and rocker bottom shock absorption to protect not only feet, but also the legs and back. 

2. Clipboard(s)

Plastic Clipboards

During the student years, nursing students will want to soak in as much information as possible from the nurses and supervisors they are working with. Handy nurse tools, like these strong acrylic clipboards, make it easy for them to take notes during real-world clinical experience. The pack of 6 brightly colored clipboards lets you organize documents by color, and the acrylic material is easy to clean in case of water (or other bodily fluid) spills. 

3. Intensive Hand Cream

Working Hands Hand Cream

Walking into nursing school without a good hand cream would be like walking into open fire without a bulletproof vest. That’s right – hand cream is life-saving for nurses who must constantly wash their hands throughout the day. From the rave reviews, it’s clear that O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream is a new nurse essential. It’s moisture boosting/retaining ingredients will heal and repair dry, cracked skin, and it’s odor-free and greaseless formula is perfectly suited for patient care. 

4. Spill Proof Travel Coffee Mug

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask with Flex Sip Lid

Some nursing school essentials are for nothing else but to get through the 12 hour shifts after all night cramming sessions. Yes, we are talking about coffee and the need to carry coffee with you! That’s why this travel coffee mug, with an incredibly leak proof lid and easy to carry handle, is a brilliant yet overlooked nursing tool. It has 3 different size options (conveniently sized to match your favorite coffee shops), a stainless steel interior, is BPA free, and coated to be slip-free and dishwasher safe. 

5. External Battery Pack

Ultra-Compact Battery Pack

No nurse wants to be caught coming out of clinicals late at night with a dead phone battery. Too bad the hospital isn’t a grea tplace to find a secure and open wall plug.=! That’s why an external battery pack is on the list of things nurses need for work. This Anker portable charger is compact enough to not be an added burden to your bag, weighing less than 1/2 a pound, yet high-capacity enough to charge your phone up to 3 times. 

6. Comfy shoes for after a long day

Comfortable Slip on Casual Water Shoes

We already mentioned how vital it is to have a good pair of work shoes, but after-work foot care can also be just as important. New nurse essentials include a comfy pair of slip ons to wear around the house to give those tired feet and legs some support. Well known for their comfortable fit, Crocs provide a light and airy shoe with the needed arch support for those who spend most of their time on their feet. 

7. A stylish lunch box

Insulated Lunch Box

In order to take care of others, nurses also have to take care of themselves. Meals and snacks are essential to fuel the workday, so a durable lunch box is another item on the list of things nurses need for work. This lunch bag is insulated to keep both warm or cold items for over 6 hours, It also has a large compartment to properly store containers without worrying about spills. Plus, with quality material and stitching, it’s a lunch box built to last. 

8. Reference sheets for nurses

Pocket Sized Nurse Reference Cards

This is one nurse tool you may not think about – pocket size reference cards! These 85 tiny “cheat sheets” are perfect to use both while studying and during clinical rounds. Never be caught off guard! Plus, this purchase includes free membership to more PDF note sheets to keep on your phone or print out. 

9. Ample access to coffee

Starbucks Gift Cards

Make sure your loved one’s new travel coffee mug doesn’t go a day dry! Trust us, if she’s not a daily coffee or tea drinker, she soon will be. And Starbucks offers an adorably designed gift card just to honor your new nurse. This is a great gift anytime, but we also think it works especially well as Christmas gifts for nursing students.

What new nurse essentials did we miss?

These nursing school essentials cover what your new nurse will need as she starts this honorable career course. New nurses should be able to focus on the medical terminology, bedside manner techniques, and emergency protocols. Giving the needed gifts of comfort, convenience, and coffee are helpful and highly appreciated during their years in nursing school.

Here’s a recap of our nursing schools essentials you didn’t think of!

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